L001 Bemersyde Stone (Edition size 25) L003 Eildon Sunrise (Edition size 25) L009 To the Tweed (Edition size 25) L011 St Mary's Loch (Edition size 25)
L021 High above the Eildons (Edition size 25) L025 Phacelia at Trimontium (Edition size 25) L029 Dawn at Eastfield (Edition size 25) L032 Borders Country dawn (Edition size 50)
L033 Eildon Island (Edition size 50) L034 Misty Eildons (Edition size 50) L035 Melrose in the Mist (Edition size 25) L038 Eildons from the Edge (Edition size 50)
L039 Swans at Peniel Heugh (Edition size 25) L040 Sunrise at Waterloo Monument (Edition size 25) L043 Turning back the clock (Edition size 25) L048 Rubers Law and Minto (Edition size 50)
L049 Rubers Law from Lilliards Edge (Edition Size 25) L054 Clearing Mist Near Scott's View (Edition size 50) L055 Distant Hills (Edition size 50) L064 The Eildons from Barr Road (Edition size 50)
L067 Misty Dawn (Edition size 50) L070 Lindean Pier Sunset (Edition size 50) L071 Tweed Mist (Edition size 50) L072 Tweed Valley mist (Edition size 50)
L073 Frost and Mist at Scotts View (Edition size 50) L077 The Black Hill (Edition size 50) L080 Sundown at Bowden Moor Loch (Edition size 50) L081 Dawn Glow, Whitton Edge (Edition size 50)
L082 Fatlips Silhouette  (Edition size 50) L083 Smailholm Tower & the Eildons (Edition size 50) L085 Bend on the Tweed (Edition size 50) L087 Sunset and Clouds (Edition size 50)
L088 Sunrise from Bemersyde Hill (Edition size 50) L089 Sheltering from the weather (Edition size 50) L091 Storm over Stow (Edition size 50) L096 Autumn at Kalemouth (Edition size 50)
L097 Autumn at Abbotsford (Edition Size 50) L102 Lines through the hills (Edition size 50) L108 The Eildons in Winter (Edition size 50) L115 Eden Valley (Edition size 50)
L116 East Lothian and distant Bass Rock (Edition size 50) L119 First Light near Smailholm Tower (Edition size 50) L121 Clouds Lifting (Edition size 50) L123 Tweed Valley from the Sware (Edition size 50)
L124 Whitslaid Tower and the Leader (edition size 50) L128 Misty Dawn over Teviotdale (Edition size 50) L130 Loch of the Lowes (Edition size 50) L133 Pease Bay (Edition size 50)
L135 Upper Ettrick Valley (Edition size 50) L136 Teviotdale (Edition size 50) L144 Teviot Valley from Minto Crags (Edition size 50) L145 Eildons appearing through the Mist (edition size 50)
L146 The Leader in Winter (Editions size 50) L147 The Swire (Edition size 50) L149 Tree and Stone at Bemersyde (Edition size 50 ) L154 Sunset at Smailholm Tower (Edition size 50)
L157 Rubers Law and the Teviot Valley (Edition size 50) L158 Approaching the Eildons from the North (Edition size 50) L159 It has been a long Winter (Edition size 50)